Puff Sharkunok 24

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Sharkunok is an ancient toy of the Northern areas of Russia. The word Sharkunok was formed from Sharkun, that was the name for a carved cross made for a travelling sailors.

Inside the cross –sharkunok somebody once put the peas and stones, thus it made  a remarkable sound rattle.  In this way it came to us from the old days.


Before assembling the Sharkunok 24 we would suggest to exercise first with assembling Sharkunok 6, made from 5 same size bars and 1 of the different shape.


Sharkunok 54 and especially Sharkunok 96 are more complicated and intended for those who can assemble all the previous puzzles.


Ancient Pomor (north-west of Russia) toy that used to be a family heritage and amulet that would be presented to a baby and kept all his life. The Rattle is hand made and has two puzzles on one handle. One of them is called the Makarov’s knot.

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