The purpose of the Institute:

 Mastering the art of becoming a Human being: Homo Luden


  • The one who goes beyond the border of the ordinary and freely walks through space
  • One who is looking for an encounter with reality
  • One who conquers uncertainty
  • One who can do anything 
  • Whoever talks to Nietzsche and Aldous Huxley,

make Friendship with Socrates and Don Juan, drink tea with Hermes Trismegistus.

If this is the future YOU, then we
We invite you to our institute
Analogs and prototypes:

  • G. Gurdjieff’s Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man;
  • Academy of Frontal Problems B.E. Zolotova;
  • Rajneeshpuram;
  • Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto);
  • Institute of Man of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Pacific Zen Institute;
  • Esalen Institute;
  • Auroville and the University of Human Unity;
  • Institute of Synergistic Anthropology Sergey S. Horujy;

Focus of the Institute’s activities:

To catalyze spiritual development of a Human Being

Principles and methods of our Institute

  1. Unique Ontology 
  2. The presence of the hierarchical system of criteria for the qualitative development of a person
  3. Individual approach
  4. The preference is given to the process of higher order
  5. Uncertainty 
  6. Freedom of creativity 

Institute will work online and live.

We are now inviting those who wish to take the first course “Inner Space”, which will be held online approximately from May 11.

Participants must pass the Games of the Examination Tournament, which begin on April 12th.

The presentation of the course will take place on March 28th at 21-00 Moscow time, and at 11-00 California time

If you are ready to register to the course straight away,
The entry fee for the Tournament is $15, which may be paid using the following link:

Presentations by TATIANA GINZBURG on the Youtube

Tatiana Ginzburg’s presentation of the Homo Ludens Institute in Russian, 13 March.
Tatiana Ginzburg’s story about the Homo Ludens Institute and its idea.