Russian House #1

I can breathe

Our next step is currently uncertain.
We are compelled to keep up with rapidly changing times. That is what brings us to you:
If you would like to invite us anywhere in the world,
if you'd like to create a project like Russian House#1, but you aren't sure how,
if there is another way you'd like to help us to find a new location in the physical world;
we welcome all your ideas and help!
We will be grateful for your input and any contribution
towards the best solution for Russian House future.
Our rental agreement for current location
expires in December 2021.

Now we are coming to you!

Create a project like Russian House#1 - Russian House #1

Free Cultural Space

Our Russian House #1 is a cultural dialog project

Place for Enlightenment

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I am happy to tell you that my six-month struggle for the survival of the Russian House project has ended...

Meaning of the Virus
Meaning of the Virus

Hello, Human being! Since you are reading this now, you probably already know something about us. With a heavy heart,...


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