Our Last Birthday (August 1, 2021)

On the Occasion of our Sixth Birthday (August 1, 2021)
Sooner or later any childhood comes to an end. Russian House#l is 6 years old and this is our last birthday. A lot has happened over all these years:

1. We have managed to create a restaurant steadily operating on creative economics principles, which allows guests to gain fulfillment of their needs, all the way to self-actualization.

2. We’ve managed to create a Da (Yes)-ism-based environment for human development – “The World is One and Kind.” Many of our volunteers have learned to wash dishes, others – to color floors, still others – to greet people… Then there are those who’ve realized that one can live prosperously with a door that is always open.

3. Hundreds of people from all over the world have taken part in our programs, many prominent self-exploration thinkers and researchers have given a talks and workshops in our place,  also become our friends: David Lukoff, Stuart Hameroff, Stanley Krippner, Siegmar Gerken, Eduard Frenkel, Yasha Marshal…

4. We’ve shared our love for puzzles, brainteasers, intellectual development, and koans to certain Bay Area people.

5. A great number of fascinating conversations have taken place within our walls as well as many new friendships, some of which can be seen on the our channel:

But the world is changing. And so are we.

Our next step remains to be uncertain. We are compelled to keep up with rapidly changing times.

That is what brings us to you:

If you would like to invite us anywhere (anywhere in the world),

if you’d like to create a project like this where you live, but you aren’t yet sure,

if there is another way you’d like to help us find a new location in the physical world,

we welcome you.

And we will be deeply grateful for your contribution in this issue.

Our rental agreement in the Russian House building expires in December 2021.

We are ready to head towards you!



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