Volunteers are invited !

Volunteers are invited !

If you are interested in a frontier edge of our civilization, quantum physics, transpersonal psychology and personal change, Russian house #1 is for you !


Russian house #1 is a Magic place where miracles happen more often than other places.

It is a Space for a Dialogue between two great cultures and between people.

It is a Place where fresh food is being cooked like at the Russian home;And where the Freedom is offered towards how much to pay and what way is to participate.

Russian house is open for the people who are willing to join a self-actualisation stream with their hard work for the benefit of all beings.

Osho’s, Gurdjieff’s and Castaneda’s practices in the interpretation of the 5th way school are presented quite often. The experience of communication in Sangha and the Choice actualization are the other possible bonuses.

The shelter and food are provided for those who share our values and are willing to help !

To get to the place is at your own expense.

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