Russian Puzzels as a part of Art of the Source

Russian Puzzels as a part of Art of the Source

On June 3-11 the team of the Russian House organized and held the exhibition of puzzels as a part of Art of the Source.

Gennady Shirokov, our Master, presented original exposition of puzzels (brain teasers) invented and manufactured by himself.

The following showpieces were also presented at the exhibition

A unique collection of wooden burrs,

Russian nails,

Bottle brain teasers,

Wooden toys,

A big and unique Oscar Maze, made by Kirill Grebnev, the Russian puzzel master,

And two huge perplexuses manufactures by Michael McGinnis, a well-known sculptor and creator from Santa Rosa…

At first, visitors’ brain inventory was taken through finger exercises, then they were solving match tasks, and further if they succeeded in the above, they were offered an excursion in our exposition, and the final part of it was the stand with GenShi puzzels.

Some participants got so excited that spent hours looking for the solution of GenShi puzzels, forgetting about food, weather, and usual rush. The following puzzels were the most popular in our exhibition:

Russian Nails (the task to separate them),

The square (the task to сreate a square from these parts),

Letter T (the task to сreate a letter T from these parts)- about 3 out of 100 persons could find the solutions themselves without any prompts,

Find the balance putting nails

All these wonderful puzzles you can find, buy (or order) from us at the Russian House #1, or on the our website

The majority of our guests not having solved even a little part of our puzzels were leaving the exhibition happy and some of them returned with their friends and continued to play our games.

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