Tangram Arena

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In your hands is a set of 9 elements, each of these elements is a combination of two isosceles trapezoids. Game missions:

  1. The classic problem of tripling a figure.

Select one of these elements and build a shape similar to the one selected using all 9 elements in the set (including the selected element). Elements can be rearranged, rotated and rotated as desired. The constructed figure, obviously, should have linear dimensions 3 times larger than the original figure. The success of solving a problem depends, among other things, on the success of your choice: 

Three figures have no solution, 

for other figures there may be several solutions.


  1. Try again placing all 9 game elements inside the box. If you do not remember the initial mutual arrangement of elements, solving this problem will not be so simple. We know 5 different options for solving this problem (not counting the mirror options). Try to find at least one of them.
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