Rotating puzzle Auzzle. Exclusive gift !

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Auzzle is one of a kind puzzle. The first puzzle in the world using the principle of attraction and repulsion of magnets.

Designed by Ilya Ozz in 2018, our friend from Bay Area, Auzzle got one of the prises for its unique design on internationals puzzle exhibition.

Auzzle produced in a wood version is a state of art object that can be a sophisticated toy in hands as well as a modern decoration on your desk or a memorable gift for an important person.

How to solve it: In the initial state, all the magnets are located along the equator and are magnetized to each other.

The player can rotate the drums along the arrows (drawn in the picture) in one and the other side.

In this case, the magnets move independently in their grooves, some of them begin to repel, some of them attract, creating a “mixed” state of the puzzle.

In addition, the agitation can be enhanced by turning along the additional axis.

The total number of puzzle states is about 4100 combinations.

The task of the player to return the puzzle to the assembled state. (the collected state is the initial state where all the magnets are magnetized to each other and are located along the equator)

(Experimentally established that the average person can solve the puzzle – for one or two hours.)


We have just one of those in wood. Last one!


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