Art of Wisdom: Puzzle exhibition as part of Art at the Source 2018

Art of Wisdom: Puzzle exhibition as part of Art at the Source 2018

Russian House #1 has recently organized a special exhibition that featured unique puzzles!

Exhibition was a part of Art at the Source 2018. For the first two weekends in June, Sebastopol Center for the Arts and Art at the Source present this annual, free open studio tour of western Sonoma County and Russian House # 1 was part of this event.

Everyone interested had a chance to train their brain – to disassemble puzzles and put them back together, thus, rebooting the brain and developing intellectual skills.
We helped guests navigate a complex world of puzzles as well as select the right task according to one’s abilities.

The exhibition’s special hallmark are unique puzzles of Gennady Shirokov. Gennady Shirokov is a puzzle collector, designer and craftsman from Russia. He is acquainted with a lot of leading Russian Pazzels (brainteaser) inventors. Now he has 10 new designs of well-known Puzzels

Special guest of the exhibition was Ilya Osipov with his new puzzle which looks like magnetic cube-rubik

Another amazing and inspiring art-object and puzzle is Superplexus by Michael McGinnis. It is a 3-D ball-in-a-maze puzzle or labyrinth game enclosed in a transparent plastic sphere.People could meditatively spend hours trying to go through all the stages of this exciting labyrinth

Other real kickers were a collection of burrs made in Russia from Precious Wood

collection of Russian nails,

masterpiece puzzles by Kirill Grebnev

and metal Brain teasers created by Andrei Ivanov

We plan to host similar exhibitions on a regular basis. Please follow us to get updates about upcoming events.

Also, you can buy our puzzles in our online store


And we would be happy to exchange puzzles with you, or accept them as your gift to us.
Our motto is
“Brain is our best muscle!”

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