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Week of Russian Cosmism

9 April - 18 April
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April, the 12th is the Cosmonautics day in Russia.
And we are going to celebrate this event in Russian house #1 with the week of Russian Cosmism, as the unique philosophical stream taking its start from the beginning of the 20th century in Russia.

Russian Cosmism is the philosophy of the embodied infinite human ideals:

the human immortality, space exploration, transhumanism and the wholeness and interconnection of the Universe. Among the founders of the Russian Cosmism can be named Nikolay Fedorov, Constantin Tsiolkovsky, Vladimir Vernadsky, Alexandr Chizhevsky…


  1. Practices of walking in inner space
  2. Special futuristic-space menu
  3. Questionnaire on a history of space exploration
  4. Philosophical talks on Russian Cosmism
  5. Staring at the stars through telescope



During the Week we will have:

The original Space Food presentation;

Special Cosmic Energy Practices;

Russian Fairy-tailes lifestyle;

Discussions of the idea of Russian Сosmism.


Start: 9 April
End: 18 April
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Organizer Name: Tatiana Ginzburg