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Anticipation of Love

6 May @ 12:00 pm - 9 May @ 9:30 pm PDT
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The World loves me!

I am inviting you to this world, the world that loves.
The world that generously gives.

The world that helps me understand the Truth, often using unique methods, forcing me to suffer or provocates me for heroic acts.

This happens ALLwaYES: now, immediately, and this instant.
I am aware of this, I create love.

The way only I can create.

Processing the flow through me, the flow of life, the flow of love, waves, sputter, the rainbow of possibilities, developing and perfecting myself with the aid of the diversity of life.
Anticipation of Love is the space of Integrity.

Possibly our anticipation will take the form of a philosophical discussion based on ideas of Martin Buber and Vladimir Solovyev, or rebirthing,
Or Hellinger Constellation
Possibly this will be a search for the primal scream or ingestion of orgon energy,
Or dissolving in nature,
Star gazing,
Fusing with grass or a tree….

In this space everything is possible!


Start: 6 May @ 12:00 pm
End: 9 May @ 9:30 pm