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Russian Puzzles at the Art at the Source Open Studios 2019

1 June - 10 June

1-10 June Puzzles/Brainteasers exhibition – Art of Wisdom

Puzzle in Russian is Golovolomka, which means something that will break your head


If you are ready come and we will break your heads with our puzzles


You will have an opportunity to touch, untangle, and then to reassemble puzzles, and at the same time provide your brain with new twists and turns. These puzzles are hand made from wood and other natural materials by experienced artisans who combine beauty with paradox to craft brain exercise art.


Puzzle art will help you to look at the world in a new way:

To move from an artificially mediated way of life to direct comprehension of the wholeness, completeness, and beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Move from simulation to a real Harmony that you can see, feel, and touch.


We invite you to meet with paradox

To get pleasure from complexity

Experience the singularity of your own mind

Meet with Remarkable people

Experience all this with an outstanding view of the Russian River



RUSSIAN HOUSE is the nexus of Art, Science and Game Experience

We are an experiencial laboratory for self-exploration


We are creating a new type of contemporary art: Alive, interactive, paradoxical


Sebastopol Center for the Arts and Art at the Source welcome you to the 24th-annual, free self-guided open studio tour of western Sonoma County.

Russian house #1 will be part of this event and will introduce a full scale Puzzle exhibition.
Welcome to find our puzzle’s secrets and enjoy your victory in understanding mystery manifested to you.
Check more how it was last year

Russian Puzzels as a part of Art of the Source


Start: 1 June
End: 10 June
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Venue Name: restaurant Russian House
9960 Highway 1
Jenner, CA 95450 United States
Phone: 415 214 5737


Organizer Name: Tatiana Ginzburg