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Russian Cosmism and Inner Space course presentation.

12 April @ 9:30 pm PDT
Homo Ludens Institute presentation.
The purpose of the Institute:
Mastering the art of becoming a Human being: Homo Ludens
This is school of 5th path by G. Gurdjieff.
12 of April is the day of First Space Travel by Yuri Gagarin. So we made this event in accordance with that.
Russian Cosmism is the philosophy of the embodied infinite human ideals: the human immortality, space exploration, and the wholeness and interconnection of the Universe.
To become a perfect, fully developed Human, Luden in some russian fiction – this is where we are point to.
If you are someone, who would like to learn how to navigate through inner space – welcome!
The presentation of the Institute will take place on April 12th at 21-30 California time, in zoom, by the link:




Date: 12 April
Time: 9:30 pm