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Mystery of Breathing. 4 days self-exploration retreat

14 November @ 1:00 pm - 17 November @ 4:00 pm PST

Explorational and Experiential Retreat for adult Human Beings, who want to have Meaning in Life. Learn the most powerful breathwork practices, deep dive into your subconsciousness, experience psychedelic like states and get back transformed.

Do you really want to become deeper?Then learn more:

Who shall attend? For those, who are ready to face their fears and heal the traumas. For those, who know that smile does not mean happiness and appearance is not always the truth. This is not  just about wellness. This is about transformation.

What to expect?  Expect be open with yourself and others. Practice with intention. You’ll get a crisis soon. But when you’ll get out of it there are possibilities to: Learn new tools of self-exploration. Grow self-understanding and acceptance. Find and change old patterns that stop you from happiness. Get Insights about past and present. Find fresh ideas for your life.

Welcome for 4 days in search for your real self !

What is going to be there?

  • 4+ Breathwork Practices: Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, Vivation, Free Breathing or/and Da-Breathing
  • expert operator practices
  • meditations
  • different practices of transpersonal psychology masters
  • deep reflection and group sharing
  • night fire
  • authentic mystical environment that only Tatiana Ginzburg know how to make right here, right now. That means – everything can happen … 

Get Ready !

Workshop facilitator – Tatiana Ginzburg, PhD in transpersonal psychology, 20 years of experience in various breathwork techniques, founder of European Breathwork School (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), ex-national Russian coordinator at International Breathwork Foundation, author of «Methodology of Integration in Breathwork». Spiritual seeker and practitioner with unique range and mastery of experience.

Tatiana personally knows and maintains the relationship with founders of Holotropic Breathwork – Stanislav Grof and Rebirthing – Leonard Orr from 1990th.

As a breathwork facilitator, Tatiana focuses on individual intention and integration of the process, with the aim to find an answer and solution rather than just have a trip. Besides breathwork guiding, she is an experienced master of reflection and dialog.
She uses different styles and methods from an ancient to modern frontier in a mysterious mix, supporting your self-exploration.

She has a special touch of facilitation that would not let you hide, but rather open towards your new possibilities !How much does it cost? Basic

Retreat basic price includes:

  • Facilitated practices, that include 4 types of breathworks and other methods of self-exploration, that will be suggested by retreat leader on site, in accordance to situation and individual or group intentions
  • 3 nights lodging in shared accommodations or camping
  • Healthy vegan and vegetarian food
  • Retreat Center local amenities as sauna, pond, garden

Price range: 

Basic price Early Bird until September 30th – $470 per person

Basic price General Participance from September 30th until October 30th – $500

Basic price from Wish I paid Earlier October 30th to November 10th – $ 550

Basic price Almost Late November 10th – 14th – $ 650

Additional payment for single occupation – $240 plus to your Basic price

To reserve your participance you can make the downpayment in the amount of $200 and pay the rest before the event start

Paypal russianhouse1@gmail.com

or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mystery-of-breathing-3-days-self-exploration-retreat-tickets-67983190553

or cash or credit card in Russian house #1 (Jenner, CA)

Where is it going to be? We are going to be in Gaiatree Center For Remembrance & Connection. This is private, very cozy retreat facility set in the picturesque foothills of Calaveras county. Shared lodging in different types of rooms. Garden. Hikes. Sauna. Pond. Incredible clean pine air. Wooden stove. Perfect isolation from ordinary life that we need.

Food? All meals will be prepared on site according to the schedule suggested by retreat leader. We’ll make vegetarian options, simple but delicious and healthy. If you request any special dietary needs, please advise, that’l be met if nothing extraordinary )


Start: 14 November @ 1:00 pm
End: 17 November @ 4:00 pm
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