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Experience week-end

29.09.2017 - 01.10.2017
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Dear Friends,

you, who is curious about what we do and who we are at Russian house #1, those who would like to support us, those who would like to try a different life style, who wants to take a break from the day to day life and those who’ve heard about Gurdjieff’s Work on oneself’s are WELCOME TO OUR EXPERIENCE WEEK.

You can stay with us for 7 days, live together, do practices together, stay open for whatever come and GET YOUR OWN UNIQUE EXPERIENCE.

As a suggestion, Experience week is an opportunity

  • to live with us for a week;
  • to meet new friends;
  • to live in our post-modernistic russian atmosphere;
  • to find out how to build team-relationships with other participants;
  • to practice our meditations, games, discussion, which we use on a daily basic for our personal development.
  • to learn how to create something in common through the communication and interaction;
  • to challenge your frontiers…

You might Learn:

  •  how to be open towards other people
  •  how to use openness as a basis for a good relationships;
  •  how to use a Dialogue as a Path to Heaven;
  • and also how to implement some of the philosophical principles into your regular life or, in other words, how to take into account your own subjectivity together with the other’s individuality.
  • and many more.

Anything can happen in a mysterious place where river meets the ocean … Be ready for a change !

Please contact us for details: 707 865 9456


Start: 29.09.2017
End: 01.10.2017
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