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Experience week

1 May - 7 May

We invite people to stay with us for a week and expereince community life, meditations, and post-non-classical approach to your own life and activity

The Opportunity:

  • To test what it means to become a part of the team of a like-minded people;
  • To build team-relationships with other participants;
  • To learn how to create something in common through the communication and interaction;

You can Learn:
– how to be open towards other people

– how to use openness as a basis for a good relationships;
– how to use a Dialogue as a Path to Heaven;
– and also how to implement some of the philosophical principles into your regular life or, in other words, how to take into a account your own subjectivity together with the other’s individuality.


Start: 1 May
End: 7 May